“I congratulate Araraquara for the noble initiative by the illustrious Prof. Henrique Savonitti Miranda in favor of the brazilian society, which is the creation of the Savonitti Institute of higher education. Education is an efficient way when searching for an effective social change. May your ethical and moral sense be the paradigm of the Savonitti College".

José Simpliciano Fontes de Faria Fernandes
Minister of the Superior Labor Support of Appeals

"The international chess event that was attended by Grandmaster Ulf Andersson is of great cultural-sports significance, clearly showing the youth of Araraquara that the leaders of the Savonitti Institute are connected with education and culture as an integrated set".

Lincoln Lucena
Chess player

“The idealism and the dedication of young Professor Henrique Miranda Savonitti turns him into an example of true calling of the new generation of jurists who, work hard on the research and forget to share with others one of the most important values of mankind which is knowledge”’.

Nancy Andrighi
Minister of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice

“The ever remembered Professor Hely Lopes Meirelles is a reference to Administrative Law in Brazil.

Among the many merits of this illustrious writer, one of the greatest was certainly to have awakened, with their enviable teaching method, young people to an in-depth study law, in particular, Administrative Law, with which we live and have lived most of our lives in front of large institutions like the IRS, Federal Police and, now, the Senate of the Republic, where we are responsible for the First-Secretary.

During the formation of this diurnal experience, precisely at the University of the Brazilian Legislative – UNILEGIS, we found someone with brilliance that has the humility of one who recognizes that life is always teaching and that has enough feeling to achieve the value of collaboration.

It’s unquestionable; Professor Henrique Savonitti Miranda, head of the reputable Higher Education Institute that bears his name in Araraquara / SP, has contributed, just like master Hely, with the continuous devlopment to the Public Law in Brazil”.

Romeu Tuma
Senator of the Republic

“For me, it is of great honor to participate in the celebration of the presentation of the Savonitti Institute of Higher Education. I hope to return at the appropriate time to help with the development of chess activities in the region and anything that’s of interest to the Institute”.

Ulf Andersson
Sweedish chess player, holder of the world record in simultaneous games